Wisteria Lunata | Free to Dream Collection

Wisteria Lunata | Free to Dream Collection

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The Free to Dream Collection was inspired by the need for hope in darker times. 

The Wisteria Lunata incorporates the popular pagan symbol of the Goddess and symbolises the three phases of the moon - waxing, full, and waning. Many cultures draw meaning from the moon & it's phases, from growth and fertility to repose and widsom, and overall signifies the cycle of birth, life, and rebirth. With this in mind, the Lunata were created; to remind us all that whatever phase we are in now, it will end and be replaced with another.

The Details:

★ Colors: Pastel Purple & Pink Marble | Gold Flakes

★ Materials: Polymer Clay | Resin Coating | Gold Plated Brass

★ Length: 6cm | 2.3in

★ Weight: 5.58g

Please note that all items are handmade & thus completely unique! Each piece will vary slightly, but every effort is taken to keep them consistent with the image provided. 

Returns for change of mind cannot be accepted on earrings because people gotta put that s&*t in their ears, yo. 

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